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Does Ford Offer 0 Financing? A Closer Look

There’s a question that really makes rounds when it comes to the automotive shopping universe: Does Ford offer 0 financing? While the dual strains of higher pricing and less choice may send many prospective buyers to the used-car Craigslist ads, there’s one thing that is sure to have a major effect on all but those affluent enough not to notice: zero-percent financing.

This article takes a deeper dive into Ford’s financing choices and whether that low-cost, no-interest loan is even on the available menu. While exploring Ford’s financial landscape, we will discover does ford offer 0 financing and the specifics of Ford Financing.

Does Ford offer 0 financing?

Does Ford offer 0 financing? Yes, Ford gives periodic 0% financing on select models for strategic sale periods. Many of these specials will be during peak holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day to help drive sales. Note, however, that the availability of this promotion depends upon market conditions at the time. That said, it’s worth mentioning that not all Fords are eligible for the 0% option.

Generally speaking, it’s only available on certain new models and does not apply to higher-demand vehicles like the Mustang Shelby GT350 or F-150 Raptor. Zero-interest loan terms can be between 36 and 72 months, but the length of the term will differ with each promotion. You’ll also want to fully understand term length — while longer terms may feel like a good idea, they can tend to result in more total interest if the loan isn’t paid off early.

Furthermore, you will need a favorable credit score to secure 0% financing on Ford cars and trucks. This is because Ford Credit assesses your eligibility for a loan based on your credit history, in addition to the terms of your credit score. And this financing will be one of the options that a high credit score will facilitate.

Ford Financing Options

Does Ford offer 0 financing? Ford always presents its customers with various financing options when acquiring their car, as most automakers do. What that means is that the choices you have will depend on your credit score, the deal for which vehicle you are buying, any promotions running at that time and what dealership will work with you.

  • Common Financing Options: Below are some of the more familiar options you may come across:
  • Traditional Auto Loans (the most common option): Basically, a lender (often a bank or Ford Motor Credit) lends you money for the car that you agree to pay back with interest over an agreed-upon length of time (usually somewhere between 36 and 72 months).
  • Special Financing Rates: Ford implements special financing rate offers/promotions from time to time, so please get in touch with us for the latest offers! Rates can be reduced in some cases below what that kind of borrower would pay the market otherwise.
  • Lease: Leasing a Ford means you rent it for anywhere from 24-48 months. You also will be on the hook for monthly payments in perpetuity, and you won’t even own the car once that lease has run its course. However, there is one benefit to leasing rather than owning your vehicle. Often, you will be able to get cheaper monthly payments if you lease it than buy it.
  • Ford Options: A program by Ford Credit that involves a blend of conventional financing and leasing opportunities. In other words, it provides lower monthly lease payments while offering the flexibility to buy out the vehicle at an established amount upon return.
  • Balloon Financing: This plan is equivalent to conventional financing. However, the monthly payment reduction by a balloon payment was ordered following your final payment. Once your loan term ends, though, you will need to make the final ‘balloon’ payment before the keys to your new ride are officially yours.
  • Deferred Payments: Sometimes, Ford has specials where you can buy the car and then not have to make a payment for several months. This is an important pro point in terms of preparing both your bank account and the time available.
  • Cash Purchase: You can buy the vehicle outright if you have the money.

Does Ford Offer 0 Financing

Benefits of Ford 0 Financing

Does Ford offer 0 financing? Yes, here’s a look at how qualifying for Ford’s 0% interest offer can be worth much more to buyers: That means lower monthly payments since no interest is being added to the loan! That reduces the payments a lot so that you can focus on other cash flow needs or expenses.

Furthermore, the lack of interest charges translates into a lower overall cost for the vehicle and can be especially attractive if you’re buying a more expensive model. Additionally, given that lower payments and shorter durations mean borrowers can pay the loan down more quickly themselves while they still own the car outright. Ford’s choice of 0% financing provides a financially intelligent way to buy a car and save money without additional expenses during repayment.

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Alternatives to 0% Financing

However, if Ford isn’t offering 0% financing on the model you’re interested in or if it’s offering it and you don’t qualify for it, there are several other ways to finance your new purchase. “First, of course, is standard financing with interest through Ford Credit.” Though these rates vary depending on our creditworthiness and loan terms, they usually are competitive.

Another benefit of a larger down payment is that you’re borrowing less money — which can result in lower monthly payments and, possibly, with the standard loan, access to better rates with less interest. What’s more, many dealerships advertise incentives such as cash rebates or trade-in allowances, which will lower the overall cost of a vehicle. Hopefully, exploring these alternatives can help you to find the best possible financing!


Many consumers may ask, “Does Ford have 0 financing?” The answer remains yes. Ford will approve a 0 percent interest financing on occasion. Specialized constant commercials to boost discounts and pull in purchasers do the trick better, even though it really does give them more frequently but with little triumph.

Nevertheless, whether such offers would actually be available depends on factors like the specific location and model of the vehicle as well as general market dynamics. Prospective buyers should also carefully research the most current promotions and meet with dealerships directly for the latest information on financing options.

In the end, does ford offer 0 financing offers great potential for smart shoppers, it’s important to carefully evaluate personal finances and read the terms completely before moving forward with any plans.

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